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Gratitude is Everything

Let me ask you this question:

How is your day today? Are you half full or half empty?

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Do you realize that 90% of things we worry about never really happen? Fear tries to tempt us to worry about the ‘what ifs’ of life. Apprehension can propel a person into an endless rabbit hole of anxiety.

As Americans, we have the blessing and freedom to make our own choices. We are fortunate to decide how we are going to look at our lives.

How can you use your privilege of choice to focus on the blessings in your life? By concentrating on being grateful. It will open your eyes to the abundance of treasures that surround you.

Can I give you a challenge?

  • Go get some pen and paper or get yourself a journal.

  • Write down the blessings in your life.

  • Think about the blessings from your past and jot them down.

  • Think about the blessings that you are enjoying right now and jot them down.

  • Remember your relationships and the love they offer. Jot those down.

  • Remember the cherished memories those relationships offer. Jot them down.

  • Remember the many favors, gifts, and provisions you have had in your life. Again, jot them down.

I refer to this as a Philippians 4:8 list. Review your list frequently, adding to it often. Acknowledging your blessings will change your attitude to gratitude, allowing you to experience peace, while building your faith and an appreciation for all the provisions, protections, privileges, and pleasures God has gifted you.

After doing the exercise above, I ask you again:

How is your day today? Are you half full or half empty?

Gratitude is EVERYTHING!

Have a Happy Thanksgiving Day FULL of gratitude.

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