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The Unspoken—Screams Havoc!



Have you felt the slap of words—words that have made you feel guilty? Perhaps words like, "I only wish you would have told me. Why didn’t you say something? If only I had known." 


Or the opposite implications, yet you still feel guilt-ridden. "I can’t believe it! What good did it do to open your big mouth and tell? All you’ve done is open a can of worms. Some things are meant to be kept secret."  

Being caught in these two polar opposite states of living, of speaking up or shutting up, has caused many heartaches, regrets, and the heavy burden of carrying secrets. Such secrets creating painful mixed emotions and indecision. Nevertheless, I have decided to tell this story. 


I am speaking out for those who wished they would have said something.  

I am speaking out for the countless victims of untold abuse. 

I am speaking out for those who are still suffering silently.



Book 1 Robbed-Innocence Stolen, 

Book 2 Ripped-Lies Exposed,

Book 3 Restored-Truth Unfolds. 


My decision to speak up through writing these books is to inspire others to seek the courage to do the same. For me, speaking up via words somehow gives the abused person a voice and confirms the authenticity of evil that has pressed in and damaged lives.  


UNRAVELED-REWOVEN exposes the reality of the unimaginable predators prowling around looking for those to devour. 


As the story unfolds, I desired to show the reader the invaluable hope found in Jesus Christ. He gives understanding, power, and authority to fight against evil and overcome such trials unto victory. 


After reading and experiencing UNRAVELED-REWOVEN, I hope that your eyes are wide-opened, able to discern the signs of abuse, prepared to protect, and war for yourself and those you love.

If this story prevents abuse from happening to even one person, that is enough. 


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