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By Sondra Umberger

Book 1 ROBBED-Innocence Stolen

Book 2 RIPPED-Lies Exposed

Book 3 RESTORED-Truth Unfolds

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As a retired sergeant major, a police officer, and a public servant, I have seen abuse, violence, and dysfunction on many levels. These novels, inspired by real events, expose subjects that need to be brought to the light while showing healing and redemption that come through faith. A spiritual story of perseverance and purpose. Eye-opening and captivating. ~R.L. Richards SGM Ret


Unraveled–Rewoven is a trilogy inspired by real events. This story exposes a broken world of unthinkable abuse and trauma. Determined and combating evil with faith-based principles, a spiritual battle erupts, leading to victory! A wonderful story of hope and restoration. ~Healing Heart Ministry, Inc.


As a victor and overcomer of childhood abuse involving parental dysfunction and addiction, I was able to relate to this compelling trilogy. Unraveled-Rewoven exposes the silent violence of trauma. These books offer hope, encouragement, and freedom that comes by unlocking long-buried thoughts and fears. I would highly recommend these books. ~Nicole Zurcher


The Unraveled – Rewoven Trilogy is a MUST READ! In her debut novels, Sondra Umberger grips the reader with the style of a veteran author. Sondra takes us into the dark, dark world where Satan rules. The evil, the abuse, the cruelty she reveals, most of us would prefer not to see. We need not only to see, but we need to take action to stop evil. I pray readers will recognize the truth and act. At the end of this trilogy, Sondra invites you to the greatest

remedy of all. One caution: Once you start reading, you won’t want to put the book down. This trilogy will cause missed meals, sleeping, and total schedule destruction.~J.C. Richards, Author of Shattered Trust


I told my husband after reading Unraveled–Rewoven, Book 1: ROBBED that what stuck out to me more than anything was the author’s faith & assurance in Jesus despite what the main character, Catherine went through. I love how throughout the book the author references Bible verses that Catherine tells herself to reinforce truth. Such a powerful message. I think the author bringing these ugly truths to light takes so much courage & above all faith in God.

The love story of Catherine & Hunter is heartwarming and I can relate to that guarded feeling of her not wanting to let him in at the beginning. I bet a lot of women who have been hurt in the past by men can relate to Catherine’s concerns & fears.

Terrific book

I so much enjoyed reading this true life story. I couldn’t put it down. I am looking forward to the next two! Some stories need to be told but never are. This is one that has been told and it will impact those who have chosen silence instead of healing and others who might not ever imagine what goes on in some people’s lives. Well done.


MARCIA HARRIS    Raw and riveting

This book follows a blended family whose new member begins leading the innocent into a trap of evil. The end leaves you anxiously waiting for book 2 to see how deep down this path they will be taken and what other unfathomable abuses will be revealed as her counselor helps her remember her "lost years".


Robbed was well worth the read

A novel worth reading. Amazing the abuse that is in this world and the horrible things children must bare. Well written and hoping it helps people heal from the terrible things they must have endured

Book #1 was excellent. I couldn’t put it down and I can’t wait for Book #2 to come out.


JOAN C.    Interesting read

Read it in a few days. Interesting. Had to buy the next book.



Such a well written book that I could not put down! The author is able to pull the reader in where you can see the life of Catherine and how slowly her innocence is lost. Looking forward to reading the rest of the trilogy and how she is able to deal with the evil that was inflicted upon her. Definitely 5 stars for this book!


C. FERRELL  Intriguing!

I loved getting to know this bubbly, charming, precious child named Catie. Intriguing and based on true events, I could not put the book down. Brilliantly written, getting book two is a must now that I’m so deeply interested in this child’s life story! Off to purchase book 2 now!



This book is a must read. Excellent book


MARYJO GENSEMER  Written from the Heart

A bravely written story. The author shares her journey to the past and shares a story that must be told. You will develop new insight and connect with a world most of us would not experience outside of this book.


A page turner that you can't put down.

The book is hard to put down keeps you in suspense and wanting to know what the next chapter holds. Can't wait to read the entire Triology.

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A compelling story based on true events. Page turner!

A Powerful read! It jostled my emotions with every page turn. Thank you for sharing your story. I highly recommend this book to those caught in the snares of the occult or other abusive relationships.

KATHY GALLION   A Brave Adventure

So many of us can identify with childhood events that influence us in undesirable ways. In this book, we begin a venture into the past of the main Character, Catherine. She courageously decides to peel back the layers of her personal history and address unresolved experiences so she can fully participate in the joy of life. I can't wait to read the next book in the series!

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